Nach Jahren ohne CeBIT-Besuch gibt es mit UMPCs und anderen Gadgets wieder ausreichend Gründe für einen Besuch in Hannover!

Der Ausstellerplan ist gezückt, die Kamera aufgeladen. Freitagabend geht’s zum UMPC Meetup im Alexander, Samstag auf die Messe. Am Samstag um 15:30 bin ich Gast beim Stand von HITeC (Halle 11, D06), wo eine Podiumsdiskussion geplant ist.

Ärgerlich nur, dass ich so blöd war, eine Karte zu kaufen.

Small computers are great, so this was exciting to hear: After years of hype, the Vulcan Flipstart has finally become an actual product. Hopefully it will be shown at CeBIT 2007 somewhere.

Looking at the specs, photos and James Kendrick’s informative video, the product doesn’t look too promising, though. Pretty ugly design, no touchscreen, quite heavy and a rather high pricetag. What a disappointment.

The Raon Vega, the Sony UX, the Oqo and the upcoming Arima UMPC (to be sold in Europe by Medion and Gigabyte) all look far more advanced and better engineered.

All of these devices share a major problem, though: They are small bricks. Compare that with the Nokia N800, which weighs just a bit more than 200 gramms and runs for days on a tiny battery. The above-mentioned UMPCs need a big battery and still run a few hours, only.

Update: “Days?” Read Karel Jansens’ clarification below.

Immer wieder liest man von verlorenen Postsäcken, die man Jahrzehnte nach dem Absturz des Postflugzeugs irgendwo in den Bergen gefunden und deren Inhalt man nun endlich zugestellt hat. Email kann auch erstaunlich lange unterwegs sein. Heute erhielt ich die folgende Bounce-Warnung:

Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours

Die betroffene Nachricht hatte ich am 24. März 2000 abgeschickt. Das ist fast sieben Jahre her.


Will keep trying until message is 5 days old

Oh, dann bin ich ja beruhight.

An UltraDNS marketing person called. He wants my company to switch to their services.

He cited these compelling reasons to switch:

  • Their solution is closed source and that makes it more secure than open source solutions such as bind!
    (“Just enter ‘bind’ and ‘bug’ in Google and see what you get!”)
  • Their solution uses Oracle instead of flat files and that makes it better than bind!
  • They have some really big customers.
    (“And those companies know that they do.”)
  • They offer five-nine SLAs.

What a great marketing pitch.

Free advice for UltraDNS: Before calling a company like mine, please try to find out first what our DNS infrastructure is (it’s easy! use dig!) and if we are actually unhappy with our DNS. Then offer us a better solution and explain the actual advantages. And please train your salesfolks about technology and tell them to avoid FUD tactics.

Otherwise, you end up with a few angry people.