Yet another unsolicited sales call at the office. So, who’s calling – oh, it’s RedHat?

“We thought you might be interested in RedHat Enterprise Linux and our JBoss middleware” says the sales drone. No, I respond, we are very happy with Debian and Perl. “Oh, you’re using Debian? And who do you call when it fails?” Wait, RedHat is using FUD to advertise its products? “FUD?” Yes, fear, uncertainty and doubt. “No, we’d never use FUD as a dumb sales approach.”

(Oh, so they are using FUD in a more intelligent way. I see.)

Could you please remove us from your sales list? “There is no list.” Then how did you call our company? “You don’t understand our sales approach.” Indeed, I don’t.


Dieses Blog ist mein Freizeitspaß. Ich freue mich über Kommentare, habe aber keine Lust, dass hier ein Trollbiotop entsteht. In den letzten Tagen musste ich leider einiges in der Moderationsqueue löschen.

Andere haben solche Zustände dank der Durchsetzung einer Pflicht zum Realnamen verhindern können. Ganz so weit will ich nicht gehen, aber: Ab sofort werden hier anonyme Kommentare nicht mehr freigeschaltet. Ein Pseudonym ist ok, wenn der Autor es auch sonst primär nutzt.


This blog is just my private playground and it is not meant to become a troll breeding ground. Recently, I had to delete a lot of comments in the moderation queue, so please understand that from now on, anonymous comments will not be approved. Please use your real name. A nickname is ok if that’s the name you always use in online discussions.


The US is considering to introduce a $10 fee, to be paid by every foreign visitor from visa waiver countries:

“The money raised from the fee would go towards promoting US tourism as well as improving and speeding up security border checkpoints, according to the Discover America Partnership, an umbrella group of tourist organisations formed to respond to the dwindling numbers of tourists. [..] Rigorous security screening is believed to have contributed to a 17 per cent decline in overseas visitors to the US since 2000. [..]

The $10 fee ‘represents a virtually unnoticeable increase in a visitor’s travel budget, [it] would go towards addressing the greatest concerns that are facing European travellers visiting the US today. For example, some travellers have said that they feel like they are treated like criminals. We need additional resources to address these issues which is why we have proposed the fee.'”

The New York Times on Germany’s anti-terror debate:

“Both the timing, and the nature, of the debate in Germany trouble some counter-terrorism experts in Europe.

‘One of the time-honored tactics of terrorists is to draw governments into over-reacting,’ said Gijs de Vries, a Dutchman and a former counter-terrorism coordinator for the European Union. ‘Governments should resist public pressure to pile on new measures after each incident.’ [..]

Germany has been debating the balance between liberty and security ever since the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, which were the product of a plot hatched in Hamburg by a circle of militant Muslims under the noses of the German security services.

For reasons having to do with its dark history, though, since the end of World War II Germany has placed a particular emphasis on the rights of individuals.

Already, Mr. Schäuble’s campaign is drawing unflattering historical parallels, though less to the Nazi era than to Communist East Germany.”

I don’t understand spammers. They keep using vast botnet resources to spam blogs like mine where their spam comment never appears. They keep hitting my blog every day and don’t stop. Why don’t they just try to spam once and if their spam doesn’t appear as a public comment, go away?

Worldwide #1 hit producer Timbaland (source):

“So, that’s what sampling is. That’s not stealing, ’cause everybody sample from everybody every day.”

“I like it, I don’t have no researchin’- time is coming up when I got to turn a record in.”

“So, I like it. I found it. I got sounds upon sounds upon sound. I don’t know what’s public domain and what’s not.”

…and you wonder why people dislike the music industry. The very industry pushing DRM, pushing prices, dragging consumers to court and and re-defining consumers’ rights of fair use as “stealing”.

Nokia’s Maemo-Team seems to be using Bugzilla primarily as a tool to collect hints where they should improve the firmware. Would be nice if they would comment on Bugzilla more often, though.

So submit your bugs and enhancement requests, but please make sure that noone else already did! And vote for those you want fixed!

Here are my favourites. Vote for my bugs, please! 😉

  • 673 Maemo browser crashes when getting results from search
  • 1052 The image viewer should cache the previous and the next image
  • 1129 Media player doesn’t save the timeposition on close
  • 1210 video playback on Media Player gets jerky or freezes
  • 1228 Media player does not offer practical ffwd & rewind buttons